Slim d'Hermes Hodinkee Edition

We are happy to review the Hermes Slim d'Hermes Hodinkee Edition this watch caught as by surprise for several reasons. It is the first

collaboration of Hermès for a watch and Hodinkee offered not just one by two edition. We review the time only that was available for 7650$. We say way because it is now sold out but

if you like this watch you can settle for a non limited edition of the Slim d'Hermes available at the Hermès website

We feel that this watch is very elegant yet very contemporary: the exclusive typeface used for the numbers give it a very modern look. The blue color with smoked edges is exclusive to this Hodinkee limited edition.

At 39.5 mm the watch is contemporary sized yet is not too big. It is indeed ultra slim but not "record slim" to get lost on the wrist. This is indeed a problem for some 

ultra slim watches that are just too thin to maintain a good presence on the wrist. 

the shades of the dial change depending on the lighting, here we see it in natural light 

and here in artificial light where it could appear as dark purple

The packaging included the amazing Hermes wooden box but also an handwritten personal card by Hodinkee. An amazingly nice touch!


The movement is nicely decorated with the H of Hermes and the micro rotor makes it even more special. 

We feel that this is one of the most successful collaborations between Hodinkee and a major watch manufacture. Hermès, that owns part of Vaucher (the movement maker)

is indeed a manufacture offering a very elegant, classical watch at a good price point (considering the brand, the movement and the outstanding alligator strap, obviously

by Hermès). We think that the Slim d'Hermes is an excellent choice for a watch connoisseur that wishes to wear something different yet very modern with an in-house movement.

Overall a good value for money in the high luxury segment. 

The the Slim d'Hermes (not the Hodinkee edition) is available at the Hermès website or Hermès boutiques worldwide. 

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