H. Moser & Cie. Pioneer Centre Second "Swiss Mad Red" Review

Steel sport watches are one of the “mega trends” in the watches industry. If anything, the 2020 global pandemic intensified this trend due to the home office restrictions that continue up to this day.

Lifestyle changes contributed to the trend of having a watch that you can wear in any setting and not just in the boardroom. The material of choice is the durable stainless steel. Luxury brand have quickly adapted to this trend offering, at times, steel watches at the price of gold ones!

A modern luxury sport watch requires a water resistance of 100 Meters or more. This because a water resistance of 30 or even 50 meters doesn’t mean that you can swim with your watch due to water pressure. With 120 Meters water resistance the H. Moser & Cie. Pioneer Centre Second “Swiss Mad Red” can be your trusted companion in home office but also at the pool.

In July 2020 H. Moser & Cie. launched this new watch:
True to its name, the Pioneer Centre Seconds Swiss Mad Red is a pioneering timepiece with a spirit of adventure. Comfortable and designed for everyday wear, its design is imbued with references to the industrial world. Equipped with an attractive yet durable steel case, this intrepid beauty is designed to tackle any situation, thriving as well off the beaten track as it does in daily life. For this bold-looking model, H. Moser & Cie. chose a brand-new dial, set to turn heads with its warm and vibrant tones: the Swiss Mad Red fumé.

Moser has capitalised its relaunch on fumé dials that first appeared in grey but then were quickly extended to “funky blue”, “cosmic green” and other colors that will change depending on the light.

The “Swiss Mad Red” is no exception and as you can clearly see in the photos is morphs between a dark red to a bright, Swiss red depending on the light conditions.

At 42.8 mm the case is well proportioned and contemporary. With 10.6 mm of height it is well wearable even on smaller wrists and at 114 gr. of weight including bracelet certainly not too heavy at all.

The superluminova applied in the dots near the indexes ensures high legibility in the dark too.

It is water-resistant to 12ATM (or 120Mt) which means you can swim with it without any issue. The leaf hands are partially skeletonises so you can see the sunburst red fumé dial in all its beauty.

The watch is powered by the HMC 200 self-winding calibre with the following specifications:

The rubber strap is very comfortable and fits perfectly with the sporty character of the watch. If you decide to change the strap to leather it will easily double as an elegant watch.

The H. Moser & Cie. Pioneer Centre Second “Swiss Mad Red” is therefore an hybrid between a sport watch (with a great water resistance and the steel case) and a classic, elegant watch. There is no clear indication of being a sport watch (beside the rubber strap).

Whilst green dials are very popular at the moment, red dial watches are very rare. Even more for sport watches.This for good reason: it is difficult to create a red dial that doesn’t look too flashy or annoying.

The Swiss Red fumé of H. Moser offers not just one shade of red but many. This makes the watch fairly unique.

The rubber strap with holes for ventilation is very comfortable and fits perfectly with the red dial.

The pin buckle is simple but efficient and will fitted with the strap and the watch.

As Moser rightly puts it the red dial is not for everyone but more for the connoisseur at ease with the bold nature of the watch:

With its strong character, the Pioneer Centre Seconds Swiss Mad Red is designed to appeal to the connoisseur. Its dial is literally mesmerising. As rare in nature as it is in Haute Horlogerie, red is synonymous with life, power and passion. In certain cultures, it is a symbol of joy and good fortune. It adds an exquisite touch to this resolutely stylish model, with its bold non-conformity. Protected by a domed sapphire crystal, the dial of the Swiss Mad Red fumé is equipped with faceted indices, topped with Superluminova®-filled dots, as are the hour and minute hands, which are partially skeletonised.

In conclusion, this watch is excellent not only as a sport watch but also as everyday watch if you love red. The Swiss Red is obviously an even more interesting choice for 🧀🇨🇭 people as it fits perfectly with our flag. A perfect watch for summer and the 1st of August too!

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