Jaeger‑LeCoultre Duometre Unique Travel Time Review

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Duometre line is the most exclusive of the “grand maison”. The Duometre movements feature a unique the Dual-Wing concept, and the most refined of watchmaking finishes.

Clearly, given the current World situation, travelling is not a priority but the Unique Travel Time present a number of remarkable features and a unique elegance.

The rose gold version is very elegant, in my opinion more than the other versions that were available in white gold. There is something special with the warmt of rose gold that exhudes more elegant than white precious metals.


The case is 42mm in diameter and 13.65 mm thick. Reasonabily sized and, given the unique travel functionality on the dial, it would be too crowded in a smaller size. It works very well as a dress watch or everyday watch if you dress elegantly.

The calibre 383 features the exclusive dual-wing system which is essentially two independent 50 power reserves for the two different time zones. To quote directly Jaeger-LeCoultre it has essentially “two hearts and one movement” Taking inspiration from birds, the Dual-Wing concept brings to life two independent mechanisms that are united by a single regulating part. The first mechanism is dedicated to the proper functioning of the complications, the second ensures the precise measurement of passing time. How nature inspires us to seek the perfect balance.


The back of the movement reveals high horology with an incredibly attention to details A host of high-precision techniques are used to manually decorate the movements of each watch. For example, the “côtes soleillées” are a patented technique that leave an impression on the metal similar to the rays of the sun. The exceptional attention to detail allows for a harmonious interaction between all of the Duomètre elements.

It also features the different time zones engraved on the back making the front less crowded than many other travel watches.


Let’s inspect the dial: on the right we have the home time and on the left, with jumping hours, the away time or second time zone (obviously you can track another time zone even if you are not travelling there). What makes the Duometre unique in this context is the possibility to set the minutes of the second time zone independently. So you can set it for these time zones that are not just some hours ahead or behind but by half an hour (for example India). The second time zone is completely independent from the first.

The watch has an alligator strap and a comfortable pin buckle.

Back to the dial. What about the globe? The pushers to the left allow you to easily change part of the world for the second time zone (the one on the left that features a jump hours for the time). In this photo it is set as GMT +1 for both times but, a simple click on the pushers will move the time of the second time zone and the globe too that will show you in which part of the world you are (or dream to be!). The Silvered grained dial is finished to the highest standards.




In addition to these great functionality the watch can also be set with absolute precision: pulling the crown to set the time will bring the second hand to a reset to 0. Very few watches have this functionality (only some Lange and Söhne as far as I recall). A remarkable sign of precision.

In summary, the Jaeger‑LeCoultre Duometre Unique Travel Time Review is indeed full of unique functionalities like setting the second time zone with minutes increments, zero reset seconds, two different power reserves and a very immersive representation of our planet in the middle. An excellent watch for the global CEO.



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