Ressence Type 1 Squared Review

Ressence, a relatively new watch brand founded in 2010 by industrial designer Beno?ÂŪt Mintiens, launched in 2017 their new iteration on the Type 1 with a new case but also new technology. We review the Ressence Type 1 Squared with live, on the wrist photos. version is the one with the "night blue" dial that includes orange accents for the week-end in the day indicator and for the 0 seconds.

The squared version shares the same DNA of the Type 1 round and other Ressence more complicated watches (Type 3 and Type 5 with an oil-filled system) that is essentially the patented ROCS system (Ressence Orbital Convex System). In short the position of the 3 discs is rotating creating a different layout depending on the hour.

The squared version is just 41mm (diameter) x 11,5 mm (thickness) vs. 42mm (diameter) x 13mm (thickness) of the round edition. It is therefore a more dressier version. It also uses a different material (stainless steel vs titanium of the round version) and includes at small retractable lever that makes it easier to sent the time or wind the watch. Note the absence of the crown that is typical of Ressence innovative design.

The watch is indeed very elegant and legible. Suitable for the boardroom and works very well on a suit. The round version is somehow more casual.

this particular version with the alligator strap makes it even more dressier.

the close caseback reveals the ingenious retractable lever.

The Ressence Type 1 Squared comes with the new watch back realised with 3D printing that is very cool and more useful that the less original wooden boxes of the previous versions.

Was you might guess the box opens with a rotation (just like setting the time on the watch)

Legibility is another of the important aspect of a ressence watch and the Type 1 Squared doesn't disappoint even on the dark:

In conclusion we feel that the Ressence Type 1 squared is an interesting and very elegant evolution of the round type 1. Very elegant, slim and classy. With many watches to choose from we feel that the Ressence Type 1 Squared is truly for these that want something different or would like to add a watch to their collections with certain unique characteristics. Indeed there is nothing like the Ressence in terms of mechanism and layout.

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