Rolex GMT Master Steel Basel World 2018 Review

We are glad to introduce the King of BaselWorld 2018: The Rolex GMT Master with "Pepsi" bezel and yes, in steel. The reference number is 

26710blro and this is the watch that many people waited since the launch of the Pepsi GMT released in 2014. 

Against all bets the watch has the same dial of the previous white gold GMT. The difference is the bracelet now jubilee and not oyster. The previous reference in white gold has been discontinued -- or better said re-issued -- with a blue dial (a different blue comparing it with the Rolex Submariner in white gold) but without further ado we let the pics do the talk:

Setting aside the controversy about the jubilee bracelet in a sport model the new GMT is absolutely stunning. The complication (that allows you to track 3 time zones) is very useful for everyone travelling or working internationally. And let's face it, is just 100% Rolex and 100% at ease in the boardroom, your first class flight or the swimming pool. 


Here we can see the dial in a different lighting 

and of course it shines in natural light!

The word is that this watch has already a substantial waiting list at all retailers. We are not surprised. 

I personally love the bracelet. It is typical Rolex yet different for a sport-line watch. A first and a reinterpretation of the past. An excellent one.

I think the bracelet fits very well with this watch and even nicer than the oyster one. It also set a clear separation between models: you can't replace the bracelet and have the oyster one. 

Nothing new in the clasp but very practical indeed. 

We pretty much like everything about this watch. It is an excellent choice for business, is relatively well priced (for a Rolex) it has a useful complication and the unique bracelet that ensure that this watch doesn't get mistaken for the vintage version or the one in white gold. 

The only question is: how easy it would be to get one ?

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