Rolex GMT Master Steel 26710blro Review

Here it is! As first introduced at the exclusive Rolex even of last April we have now one of the first Rolex GMT Master 26710blro to be delivered. The watch was much awaited by all Rolex lovers and collectors: after leaving many disappointed in 2014, when Rolex released the GMT Master "pepsi" with blue and red bezel in white gold only finally it delivered what everyone wanted at Basel World 2018. 

The watch nickname "pepsi" comes from the red/blue bezel colour. Some critics feel that the blue is a bit too purple but in my view it is well balanced and looks stunning at natural light

The black dial is the same used from the previous version in white gold. There is a newly updated white gold model too with a new blue dial (a different blue than the submariner white gold "smurf") but all the attention this year is for this version in steel and hence much more reachable in terms of pricing. I saw in terms of pricing because waiting lists for this model are already widely populated and it seems that for most the wait is going to be pretty long - months or even years depending on the region.

I feel that many critics or bloggers misunderstood the power of the jubilee bracelet. This is the core difference to the white gold version and the observer will know that this bracelet only existed for GMT vintage models. To me this is a great feature: I love jubilee and for everyone with another model with a oyster bracelet (e.g. Submariner, Daytona or another GMT) this is a welcome differentiation. 

The clasp very comfortable and secure

The lume is excellent and obviously very useful for a watch designed for travel (originally created for the pan-am pilots) it will make it easy to spot the time in low

light condition like your flight cabin during landing!

The Rolex GMT Master 26710blro is probably the most desirable modern rolex. To me even more iconic than the Daytona because the functionality, the date and the jubilee bracelet are now a new reinterpretation of one of the most iconic watches ever made. 

The Rolex GMT Master 26710blro features a new calibre 3285 with 70 hours of power reserve. Rolex is so confident of its technology that is one of the few manufactures to offer a +/- 2 seconds a day accuracy and the only luxury manufacture to currently offer a 5 years warranty which is excellent. I found it somehow disconcerting how many luxury watches only come with a 2 years warranty. Certainly not enough at this price level. 

Whilst perfection doesn't exist this watch is very close to it. 40mm is a great size and the colour combination and ceramic bezel are consistent with this iconic model. 

In conclusion we feel that the Rolex GMT Master 26710blro is the best watch from Basel World 2018. The iconic design, the jubilee bracelet, the high precision and power reserve of the new caliber 3285, and the10 patents frankly leave the competition in the dust. This watch is perfect for the busy CEO and it works well in your flight, on the pool (100 meters water residence) and during your next board meeting. 

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