Rolex Day-Date 118206 review

Four years ago we have reviewed the Rolex Day-Date for the first time. It was the version with several colors and a leather strap. All these models are now discontinued but we thought that it was time to review the 👑 of 36 mm day-date models: the Ref. 118206

As you can notice there are some core differences with other day-date models: first the bezel is flat and not fluted. Addditionally the dial is in the Rolex “ice-blue” shade that is reserved to models in platinum.

The Rolex Day-Date, also known as the “president” is offered by Rolex since the 1956 and was always offered only in gold or platinum with a distinct bracelet only available in this model.

According to Rolex Launched in 1956, the Day-Date made its debut as the first waterproof and self-winding chronometer wristwatch to offer a modern calendar with an instantaneous day display, spelt out in full in a window on the dial, in addition to the date.

The Ref. 118206 is Powered by Rolex Caliber 3155. This watch is not just elegant but very functional: in addition to the day of the week (available in several languages, here we see it in German) and the date it is also waterproof to 100 Meters.


The watch, due to the platinum, weights approximately 216 grams. The heft is significant, but given the impeccable proportions, it is perfect as an everyday watch.

In summary, Rolex Day-Date Ref. 118206 is one of the most elegant and presigious Rolex watches. Whilst the current versions are 40mm, the 36mm diameter is still very comfortable and readable. The more restrained size makes it more discreet and an iconic classic.

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