Rolex Day-Date Review

Few watches relates to CEO more than the Rolex Day-date. Nicknamed "the president" it is indeed a watch worn by many U.S. Presidents and CEOs.

This advertisement campaign run by Rolex in the 60's underlines the prestige that surrounded this watch to this day.

For several years the Rolex day-date president was only available with a gold or platinum bracelet making it more exclusive than any other Rolex.

In 2013 however Rolex announced that the 36mm day-date will also become available with a leather strap. Several version were offered with different dial colours, blue, red, brown, grey and...rolex green the model reviewed in this article.

The green dial and strap fits very well with the yellow gold case.

36mm might appear small by today's standards but in the case of this model it fits perfectly.

Dial colour will change depending on the light. The strap colour will tend to darken over the years but remains very well combined with the dial.

Where the full gold version (especially in yellow gold) might have seemed as too much, the combination with the leather strap makes it more understated.

Day and date functions are obviously were useful to be sure that your meetings are on time and on the right day (it happened to me recently to show up at a meeting one day before, perhaps I should wear the day-date a bit more!). The precision is the one the superlative chronometers of Rolex makes you used to: excellent.

In summary, the day-date with a leather strap is not less expensive but also lighter and somehow more understated. In white gold and blue dial it would be even more discreet but my favourite version is this green one because it certainly exudes character like no other model.

You can find more information at the Rolex official Website

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