Rolex Deep Sea Review

The Rolex Deep Sea D-Blue dial was added by Rolex (Ref. 116660) has an interesting story. It was launched in August 2014 as a tribute to James Cameronโ€™s dive to 11,000 meters with the Deepsea challenger in the deepest-known point on earth.  The change is just the dial that has a very interesting blue to black meant to mirror the changing colour of water during diving. 

This year Rolex released an updated version (Ref. 126660) that features a new movement but also some facelift changes: a broader bracelet and thinner lugs to give it a more wearable look and feel.  Here we are reviewing the first version and as always we let the on the wrist photos do the talking:

At 44mm  dial size and and 17.7 mm thickness (with a weight of 212 gr.) the question is how and if such a watch fits well for a CEO and with more elegant outfits.  It is important to remind that this watch, the biggest Rolex in the catalogue, has these sizes because of the technical uniqueness it present. With a rating of 3900Mt / 12800 Ft. it is way beyond the desk diving we are used to. 

Yet it is certainly not unwearable and if properly adjusted can still be as comfortable as the more modestly sized Rolex watches like the Submariner 

At night the rolex lume does a great job. It is certainly comparable with the submariner and other Rolex professional watches 

So yes, it is big but no enormous and well wearable with a suit 

and even with cufflinks (yes you need somehow wider cuffs but it can work well too) 

One of the recurring comments of watch collectors and lovers is that at times Rolex is too ubiquitous and not sufficiently different (well we are still talking in certain offices and CEO's circles, certainly not everywhere). 

But whilst you might indeed find plenty of GMTs, Submariners and even Daytona in the right circles you won't see many Deep Sea with the D-Blue dial. So it is instantly a more different and unique Rolex.

It is big, heavy and thick but we still think that the Rolex Deep Sea D-Blue makes an excellent CEO watch. In our experience you can easily get used to both the size and weight. 

The watch is also big for a reason: the impressive technical achievement that only the crown can master so well. 

If size and weight is an issue we recommend the Submariner as a more apt everyday watch. This said we clearly love the Deep Sea too!

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