Tudor Black Bay FIFTY-EIGHT Review - Live from Baselworld 2018

The Tudor Black bay Fifty-Eight was another surprise of Baselworld 2018. Inspired to the Tudor dive watches issued around 1958 to the militaries of French and Argentina it was issued in very limited quantities and hence pretty rare today.

I think one of the missing elements in the black bay line was indeed a smaller watch that would be appealing not these with a smaller wrist or simply these that like a more restrained sizing.

Available on a leather or fabric strap and a bracelet the Tudor Black bay fifty-eight is perfectly sized at 39mm and only 11mm thick creating a very distinct Tudor in the lineup of black bay. This is not the first smaller Tudor but the first powered by a new in-house caliber.

We can see that Tudor Ambassador Lady Gaga fits well with the "Born to dare" slogan of Tudor.

The black bay fifty-eight looks very elegant on the fabric strap too. The gold accents are subtle but very classy. The fabric straps are weaved in France using traditional methods and machinery with impeccable results.

This is really both an evolutionary and revolutionary watch for Tudor. For some time I wondered if the thickness of the black bay 41mm was in purpose not to compete with their sister brand but with the new fifty-eight we have now a very complete lineup to fit within the taste (and sizing) of pretty much everyone.

This watch represents incredible value: in house movement, traditional vintage-inspired design and a lot of character.

We can only recommend it for every manager and CEO interested in a highly versatile sportive watch with perfect contemporary sizing.

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