Tudor Black Bay GMT Review - Live from Baselworld 2018

We are now live from Baselworld 2018 and are glad to introduce the Tudor Black Bay GMT. Given that sister company Rolex issued a steel version of their "Pepsi" GMT the comparison among the two are inevitable. Yet the Tudor is different in many ways and entirely consistent with their philosophy to offer the best possible quality at a very competitive price.

The GMT is sized 41mm like other black bay models and at 14mm in height is a substantial yet wearable watch:

I love the casual chic of the textile strap that is produced in France using very traditional old weaving techniques.

The leather terra di siena strap is also comfortable and gives it a vintage-cool look

And for the bracelet fans out there here it is on the bracelet

The Tudor black bay GMT is powered by a new movement: the caliber MT 5652 that doesn't use a modular construction for the GMT function so it is indeed very well made.

Our take of this watch is very straightforward: Tudor succeeded in offering high value at an affordable price and an ??ber-cool reinterpretation of the classic "Pepsi-gmt". The two colour are in fact done the Tudor way and are taken from the blue and red black bay versions.

It goes without saying that this watch fits well the modern CEO and works well in the boardroom too.

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