Ulysse Nardin Freak X Bucherer Blue

For these not familiar with Bucherer it is one of the largest Swiss watch retailers, now probably the larger in Europe and also present in the U.S. A few years ago they launched special "blue editions" that incorporate their corporate blue into a watch. 
The Freak was the first launched in 2001 and it was the first of the genre of truly modern watches, breaking conventions and with a unique caroussel "tourbillon" developed by Ludwig Oechslin and  Ulysse Nardin owner Rolf Schnyder.
The Freak X, a streamline version of the watch was launched by UN in 2019. The main differences are the smaller size (43mm) simplified movement and the presence of a crown.
In 2020 Bucherer and UN launched this edition, limited to 88 pieces and available exclusively at Bucherer.

A picture is  worth 1000 words but in the case of the Freak X, a video is what you need to admire the Flying carrousel:

The Freak X is a slimmed down version in terms of movement but also size and price. The case is 43mm but wears very well, pretty much like a Rolex GMT. The watch is very light due to the case in Carbonium (full watch with strap is just 81 Grams).

The movement features an open flying carrousel - tourbillon (if you accept the idea of a 1 hour tourbillion)
in essence the carousel with the central bridge is used as a minutes hand and rotates on itself every hour.

The Bucherer Blue edition has discreet blue accents on the top of the minutes and hours "hands" 

The black dial with blue accents and the carbonium case confers to the watch a very modern look, working both on formal and casual outfits.

It fits very well even on small wrist and legibility is not as bad as one might think!  The Carbonium case looks fantastic. I know that the X also exist in titanium but I find the Carbonium case much more appealing. 


Here we can see the structure of the carbonium case.  The height should be 13.8 mm and is certainly not too thick to fit under a cuff. The Freak X is also equipped with a crown making easier to set the time.

The Manufacture Caliber UN230 features Hours, minutes. Flying carrousel movement rotating around its own axis. Balance wheel, escapement wheel, balance spring & anchor in silicium. Oversized Oscillator.
It is an automatic movement with 72 hours of power reserve and 405 parts.
The Ulysse Nardin Freak X also offers a 50 Mt water resistance. 


In conclusion I found this watch a fantastic option if you are looking for something different and unique that breaks all the normal horology conventions. 

UN also offers a 5 years warranty extension programme which, for fairly complicated watches like the Freak X, is very appropriate.


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