Vacheron Constantin Historiques Ultra-Fine 1955

The Vacheron Constantin Historiques Ultra-Fine 1955 (reference: 33155/000R-9588) is a the reinterpretation of a classic of the past. Given that is powered by a movement that is just 1.64mm thick you might think that this is just a dress watch.

I think that is much more: an elegant every day watch (but of course not for the beach or sports!) not just for the office but -- especially relevant in 2020 -- the home office.

It fits particularly wear if you wear a formal shirt (which many do even in home office. Being at home doesn't always mean being dressed down when you work).

I would say that in the past these watches would see the light just in special occasion: the opera, a special event. But I think that every day is special.

One of the downsize of this watch is perhaps the price. Since the design is a classic it can be confused with many classic watches.

A quick look at the movement reveals the work behind this watch:

The Caliber 1003 is actually made of gold. I didn't see a caliber like this by any manufacturer before. 

the size of the movement is similar to a 20 cents swiss coin so extremely thin.

Whilst the watch is just 36mm it has a good presence on the wrist and the alligator shiny black strap fits very well with the watch.

I feel that this watch is perfect for a modern CEO that wants a very elegant, understated watch. It is a watch for a connoisseur that is mostly wearing a formal attire. 

If you like the idea of "less is more" and are looking for an elegant, understated and ultra-thin watch the Vacheron Constantin Historiques Ultra-Fine 1955 will not disappoint you. 

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