Zenith El Primero Original Limited Edition HODINKEE

A little over two years ago the famous watches blog Hodinkee announced their second collaboration: unlike the first collaboration this was the first collaboration at a more accessible price range and with a number of unique features. The smaller crown, the grey sunburst dial inspired from a Zenith model of the 60's and a COSC certification. But as always we can't wait to show you live, on the wrist photos:


the dial colour changes depending on the light from light to a much darker grey 

the minutes dial has a special line at 3,6 and 9 minutes. This feature is inspired to the price increase for long distance calls (this was of course back in the 60's, now we don't have these limits!)

Powered by the El Primero Chronograph movement (that was as reliable as being used in the Rolex Daytona) the Hodinkee version also adds the COSC certification and hence the display on the dial "certified chronometer" 

The strap is a blue shell cordovan that fits very well with this watch 

At 38 mm this is an elegant, subtle and very appropriate business watch 

With only 25 pieces this Hodinkee special edition was sold out in minutes. This said Zenith Heritage 146 (with blue or brown dial) is still available and is very similar to this version.

The beauty of the El Primero movement can be seen from the display back. The branding with Hodinkee is very discreet and appears only engraved on the caseback

In a world where the Rolex Daytona has a multi-year waiting list the Zenith El Primero Hodinkee (or Heritage 146) represents an excellent choice: not as as flashy and widely known as the Daytona but certainly a great choice for the connoisseur. 

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